Monday, May 17, 2010

Sisters gone WILD!

Who has a sister?  Well, I have one and she is an amazing human being and I grateful she is my sister.  I love my sister Marilyn so much that we named our second daughter after her.  Even more than that she was there when Savannah was born.  The moment that she found out that this new little baby girl would  be her name sake was a moment I will treasure forever.  I have never seen my sister so touched in her whole live.  This past weekend us sisters got together in my Sis's "hood" and we partied it up!  Okay when I say "partied" I mean we ate...a lot, we laughed...a lot and we watched a lot of funny shows.

Me and My little Sis!
First we started at the Cheesecake Factory.  Oh yes there was avocado egg rolls, Godiva chocolate cheesecake and bang, bang chicken and shrimp.  SO GOOD!

Next there was shopping, fun and really load music.  After all that, we started to get hungry again so we went to this AMAZING pizza place that cooks your pizza in 90 seconds.  Its all about this wood burning oven.  I was a skeptic...until I ate it...WOW.

That's right Marilyn and I had our own 10 inch pizzas


Through out all this fun, her roommate Mandy STUDIED.  That's right STUDIED!  Here she is with her nose in the books.  That girl has the best discipline. We had some great laughs though.

Sunday came and it was time to go to church.  Marilyn has this amazing singles ward there.  So many fun people and we had a great experience.  Here we are driving to church.  Yes, Marilyn was driving when I took this picture...sorry Mom:).  Remember it was a WILD weekend.

Next we we got home changed out of our Sunday best and went for a walk around Monkey's favorite spot.  This is her lake.  It was about a 5K walk and so beautiful.

Isn't my sister BEAUTIFUL...inside and out!

Thanks for a great Sisters weekend, I can't wait for the next one! 
On a side note, thank you also to my sweet hubby, wonderful friends and family who helped out this weekend and picked up the slack so I could be with my Sister.  Love you all!


  1. Marilyn looks beautiful! What fun to be together.

  2. I miss that girl! Tell her hi for me. She looks so happy!

  3. AWW!!! Sister's weekends are THE BEST!!! So much fun! I am glad you had such a great time, and you have some fabulous pictures. Food, shopping and shows, whats better than that?? :)

  4. Sounds like you guys had so much fun! I mean, really, what's better than a sister and a pizza? Um, okay, maybe a sister and a Godiva cheesecake, but you had that one covered too. :-)