Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gotta Run

I think when it comes to Moroni my rose colored glasses will never come off.  There is something about this man that makes me love him more each day(I know cheesy...but true).  These past few months I have got to see a different side of Moroni that I never thought I would.  My love, with help from his buddy Eric has been training for a half-marathon.  That's right running 13.1 miles. So for two months Moroni has been running and training.  This past Saturday he has his first race.  It was a 10K and he was excited and I was nervous.  I didn't know what to expect on race day, and I was not disappointed.  There were runners, walkers, ambulances, food tables and friends.  It was a good Saturday morning.  As my girlfriend and I waited for our hubbies to cross the finish line(with our 6 children in toe) I thought about how proud I was of Moroni.  I thought about the many times he supported me in the many endeavors I wanted to try.  I thought about the many times I set goals and no matter how silly he supported me.  So I stood there and heard my friend yell "there coming," and the pride I felt is more than I can describe in words.  I am proud everyday to be your wife Moroni and I was so proud to see you accomplish a goal that you are working towards.  The girls and I can't wait for the next race and we will be there at the finish line.
Our "Captain in Training"

Moroni and his buddy Eric.  They finished the race together and with a good time.  We are so proud of both of you guys!!

Eric, Erica(a good friend of ours who also ran and beat our men folk too) and Moroni

Moroni and his "groupies."


  1. Awe!! That was so sweet!! And yay for Moroni, Eric and Erica for a job well done.

  2. Good job, Moroni! We're proud of you!