Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear Blog,

Madelyn is such a cutie pants.  I look at her sometimes and I wonder how we got so lucky?  She has this smile that is infectious.  I love it.  She does some funny things like still calling every drink "water."  No matter what it is, if it's in her sippy cup it's "water."  I was telling a friend the other day about how Madelyn always calls the phone the "hello."  She thinks the phone is really called "hello."  Its adorable.  Then there is her blanky that is called "de de."  You really know who knows our family by who calls her blanky "de de."  She is attached to her thumb and loves to play with her sisters.  She is starting to like Elmo and her hair is really growing in.  The last thing that was pointed out to me this week is the fact that Madelyn has a deeper voice.  I never noticed.  The minute I did though, it has me cracking up all the time.  You have this cute little Gerber baby face and then this husky voice.  SO CUTE!!!  She truly is becoming a little's hard to swallow sometimes.

It was also pointed out to me that when Savannah and Ellie get really laughing they have the same laugh.  I also had never noticed it before.  It makes me smile to think of their similarities because the differences are so much easier to see.  I love that our girls have each other.  You can truly see that there is love there. 

So blog, today I am grateful for our funny kids that enrich our life. I am also grateful for hair dye because with children has brought grey hair(s). 



  1. Ha! I love it! Your girls are all so sweet and unique.

    Oh, and amen to the hair dye too. It's amazing what three kids do to my hair color!!!

  2. Awe!! You've got such a wonderful family. Don't get me started on hair dye ;)

  3. She really does look more little girl than baby in that picture. She is a sweetie!

  4. It is very dangerous reading your blog! It makes me miss you and your family soooo much...especially those sweet girls!!!