Friday, June 4, 2010

The show must go on...and on...and on...

Despite the fact that I have been sick, life around me has not slowed down.  This week is proof of that. Monday the girls started out the week with some classic water fun.  We bought a new sprinkler for the flowers and the girls just had to try it out. 
I know...she just gets cutter!!

Savannah finally "jumped the sprinkler."  Way to go baby!!

Ellie getting a good run.

Look at that amazing air!  We call him "Air Moroni" around here.

Next up this week was Ellie's Museum night at school.  Each child got to display a collection of things that they love.  Ellie choice a jewelry collection.

Ellie with her jewelry collection.  Her favorite item was a friendship bracelet.

Next up came field trip day.  Ellie got some great Daddy time.  They had a blast at Tommy Bartlett.

Daddy and Ellie.  I guess it's just a little too bright out for Ellie.

Nice hair!!

To end this AMAZING week, last night was Ellie's dance recital.  She had two different numbers, one tap and one ballet.  The theme was "Vegas."  It was fun to see all that hard work pay off,

PRETTY little bride.

Ellie's tap dance was to the song "Going to the Chapel."  All the little girls dressed up like little brides.  It was a little tear filled to see our little girl all dressed up for her wedding day. 

The second dance of the night was ballet to the song "That's Amore."  She did such a great job with both songs.  All the girls were just so cute!  We're so proud of you Ellie.

Ellie and her fan club.  Savannah just LOVED watching all the dancing.  Madelyn liked the ones with a good beat and lots of lights.  Between each number the lights would go out and Madelyn would always say "on"(as in please turn the lights back on.)

So after this week filled with activities and of course my cold.  We are looking forward to a nice calm family night tonight, filled with pizza, ice cream cake and a good movie.


  1. Busy, busy!! Teagan went to Tommy Bartlett's on Wednesday with her class. Popular place this week. Get well soon!!

  2. Great pics! Reminds me of playing in the water with you gals last summer. Does Madelyn like the water any better now? Ellie looks so adorable in her dance costumes!! I can see why you shed a few tears, she's getting so big.

    Give all the girls hugs from Meg!

  3. Oh, Ellie's costumes are soooo cute!! When is Ellie out for summer?