Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just COLD!!

So day three of COLD.  I am pretty sure I have not been this sick and tired in a long time.  I continue to whine in hopes that it will help...:).  Mostly today I am thinking about the fact that I am missing my Kindergartners last field trip.  I was never able to go on one all year.  I promised her for weeks that no matter what I would be there.  Well, life and COLDS happen and there goes the fun.  I started to  have a pity party until I realized something...I am very blessed.  Our family is very blessed.  For example: Moroni stayed up with me all night last night as I was sick and couldn't sleep.  I was so grateful for him just being there.  He got me water, rubbed my back and just made sure I had enough tissues.  He got up this morning and decided to take the day off and go on the field trip with Ellie.  We told Ellie and she was so excited and I was so grateful.  I then spent the morning with our two girls and they kept checking in on me too.  Savannah would hand me a tissue and Madelyn kept coming up to me going "Mommy, okay?"  Then she would kiss different parts of my body so I could feel better.  "Mommy, okay?"  I was also blessed with a few phone calls of friends/family who care enough to see how I am doing.  I was so grateful and felt so loved.  Lunch came and I got a phone call from my sweetie "Mommy, how are you feeling?"  Ellie my sweet little girl called during her lunch on her field trip to see how I was. 

So as the cold keeps going I am left all warm inside by the love of those around me.  It also might be the fever kicking in ;-).


  1. I'm so sorry that you had to miss the field trip. Here I was thinking all day that you were off having fun with the kindergarten class.

    I hope you feel better soon!!

    Also, I think I'm getting a cold as well. Yuck.

  2. Get better soon, Deb!! Your girls are so sweet!! I'm sure they've learned from your example.