Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 years ago today...

My sweet girl, my cuddle bug, my 100% Mama's girl was born.  Savannah Marilyn was born at 9:39 am and was the easiest delivery.  She also turned out to be the easiest baby too.  I remember she started sleeping through the night after 2 weeks.  She is so loving and caring and I am grateful everyday that I get to be her Mom. 

Today did not quite turn out like we planned.  We got a good amount of snow and then school ended up being canceled.  Savannah was so bummed and then our Mommy/Daughter date had to be postponed too.  BUT, the birthday did go on.  We played games, danced, finger painted, did make-over with Mommy, ate yummy food, opened presents and had some family come to help us party it up right. 

She is even more beautiful on the inside then she is on the outside.
WE all love you Savannah!  Happy Birthday baby.


  1. She is such a beautiful 5 year old. I wish I was there to give her a big birthday squeeze! I love you all! Loved talking with you today...move to UT!

  2. Love all your pictures! I'm glad she could still have a fun birthday with all the snow. And I'm kinda jealous! I always wanted an American Girl when i was growing up! :) Your family is beautiful! I'm glad you are living it up! We love you!

  3. Happy Birthdya, Savannah! We love you!