Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who needs Chocolate anyway?

Violet and I have been fighting Thrush for three weeks now and my hope and prayer is that mastitis isn't next. We shall soon see.  To top it all off, the true love of my life, the reason I smile and what brings me pure joy has been taken away.  No, it's not Moroni it's...CHOCOLATE!!!  I love chocolate.  You can pretty much give me chocolate anything and I will eat it and love it.  Over 6 years ago I already had to give up my favorite companion of chocolate which is peanut butter.  But now, we have found that if I eat chocolate Violet is up most of the night crying.  So as I say goodbye to this food I love, I see this face...

...and I realize who needs chocolate anyway?


  1. So glad that this will only be temporary. I can see she is totally worth it though. She is such a little princess!

  2. She's definitely sweeter than chocolate!

  3. I'm in the same exact boat as you! It should help with my diet though :)

  4. Cute post Deb! And really, chocolate is highly over rated anyway. (Okay, we both know I'm lying...but hopefully it makes you feel a little better???)