Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where is the garbage?

When you don't feel good there are some things that become pretty hazy.  For example you might have a hard time reading, or remembering something specific or just not be able to function.  Well, apparently for some people when they are sick they also forget where the garbage is.  Our sweet Savannah has been pretty sick now for a few days.  She ended up having an upper-respiratory infection and strep throat.  Today she asked if she could have a starburst.  I being the amazing Mom that I am said "sure."  A few minutes later Savannah came in and I noticed that she had left the kitchen for a little while.  My Mommy intuition spiked and I asked her where she put her wrapper?  She said "I forgot."  I reminded her that it happened less than a minute ago.  After minutes of discussion she finally showed me where she threw out her wrapper.  She decided that she would go to our room and throw it behind our red comforter.  So to clarify she got the candy from the kitchen(where the garbage is), left the kitchen and threw the wrapper away in our room...on the floor...behind our comforter!  The crazy part was, I wasn't even mad.  Moroni and I could not stop laughing.  It was so random and weird and we just could not stop ourselves. 

So what we learned today is, when you are sick...really sick, you forget the simplest things.  And all of a sudden your parents room turns out to be a garbage can. 

I think I have some cleaning to do...


  1. My kids do this, even when they're not sick! I think my mommy training skills are lacking. My 2-year-old is my biggest culprit right now. Your kids are so adorable, by the way. Janae

  2. That is one good story, Deb. I love it! Also, I love your new layout as's so pretty!

  3. Too funny! Sorry to hear Savannah is sick though.