Sunday, March 20, 2011

Are you really old enough?

We have had a week full of sick kids.  Our poor Savannah has been back and forth to the doctor and her fever has been up and down all week.  With a lot of prayers, medicine and faith we are hopeful that she has turned a corner.  Today half of us were home and the other half went to church.  When Ellie came home Violet was having a rough time and Mommy and Daddy were both needed by other kids.  So Ellie took it upon herself to pick up Violet and try to make her feel better.

At first I looked and her and thought "Are you really old enough?"  As she walked her around and talked sweetly to her, my question was answered.  She is old enough and right before my eyes she has become such a little Mom.  I'm so proud to be Ellie's Mom and I am in NO HURRY for her to be a Mom!


  1. So sweet! Hope everyone gets better soon...we missed Savannah in class today.