Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue really is a pretty color

I was giving Violet (our youngest and fourth daughter) a bath and something made me laugh.  If you have ever been to our home you see A LOT of pink.  There is lots of princesses, Barbies, fairies and other girlie toys.  What you would probably be shocked to see is something that I have used for all four of our daughters.  It's a blue towel.  That's right...BLUE.  I got this towel at Ellie's baby shower and at the time thought it was odd, but thinking eventually we would have a boy didn't think too much of it.  Well, four girls and no boys later we are still using this blue towel.  As I looked at it and smiled I realized that my life has turned out so different then I thought 7 years ago.  I also realized as I looked at our relatively healthy family how blessed we are.  I feel lately like I complain a lot about my situation or the stress in my life.  When I settle down and reflect on this blue towel I realize that life is not what I expected...

It's way better!  Here's to more blue towels and less blue clouds!

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  1. I appreciated your story. My life hasn't turned out how I excepted either. Also definitely better, most days. :)