Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This weekend was such a blast.  We had many new adventures and tried many new fun things.  Memorial day is always a fun extra day we get with Daddy and usually has some sort of out door activities.  It was so hot this year and the girls thought a sprinkler would be just the trick.  So as our weekend ends the girls danced and ran through the sprinkler(well Madelyn mostly watched her sisters dance and run through the sprinkler).

(Violet of course was not part of the sprinkler fun. She is pretty cute though.)

We also ended our weekend with a fun filled dessert.  The girls love dirt pudding(thanks to my Mother-in-law) and we tried to make it even more fun by adding some "worms" to our "dirt."  The girls have been in dessert heaven this weekend.

We also are finding ourselves at the end of another month of Violet being here.  She is officially 4 months today!!!  She gets more fun and more beautiful everyday.  We love having her as a part of our family.  She wants to laugh so bad.  She starts and then stops because she can't believe that voice is coming out of her mouth.

Happy 4 month birthday to the sweetest flower in our bouquet. 
I wish every ending had a smile like that!

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  1. Too cute, Deb! I saw the title and thought maybe your sanity was ending. Glad to see it's just the month that's drawing to a close! :-)