Monday, May 9, 2011

Roses will get you everywhere with me

Every year for Mothers Day my sweet hubby gets me roses.  He usually has the girls make me cards and then they all present their "gifts" to me.  It was such a great day and this year Moroni did something a little different with the roses.  He got me two pink ones, two violet and two orange.  They are beautiful and smell A-MAZING!!  I'm so lucky.

So, having 6 roses in the house is a pretty nice treat for me.  I came to find out today that more roses in the house is even better.  I was gone all morning at a friends house(where BTW we had a great time)and as we arrived home it was pouring rain outside and there was something wrapped in plastic on my back door step.  I un-loaded the girls in the house and then saw that it was a beautiful bouquet of roses.  I was so surprised and I had no idea who they were from.  As I read the card I was even more surprised to see that they were from the new company that Moroni just started at today.  What a good sign it was to me that they would take the time to send us something like that.

I'm so grateful my hubby is in such good hands. 

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