Sunday, May 29, 2011

Enjoying other's gifts

So far we have had a great weekend and the best part is it's not even over! Yesterday we went with the famous Uncle Dave to go to our dear friend Reed's newly opened Rootbeer store. It was so cool. The rootbeer was flowing and our girls each got to experience their first rootbeer float. Even me who is not the biggest rootbeer float fan, thought they were pretty good. Rootbeer being Moroni's favorite drink of course was in paradise.  The girls however were in love! There were three different kinds to choose from and of course we had to taste each kind to see which one was the best. It was just so neat to see a friends dream really come to pass.

The girls loving their new found rootbeer store. 
Next came hats.  My vote was shoes, but cool hats won in the end(these were not found at the rootbeer store.  Just an FYI).

Sunday brought church and I finally got all the girls in matching dresses.  This might be the one and only time they will each be in the same dress.  My Mother-in-law truly has a gift for shopping.  She found the missed dress so that Violet could match her Sisters.  Thanks Mom!!

A family picture that is actually pretty good of each of us(thanks to our photographer friend Aric).  The even better part was this was the first one he took.  He's truly has a gift!
You might wonder why I choose this one.  The answer is right there in the's hilarious!  Violet is looking down, my eyes are closed and Ellie and Madelyn are trying to hold there eyes open with there hands.  Savannah and Moroni however look great.  Classic family photo.
Poor Violet reached her limit.  This was the best of the four.  They truly get smarter and more beautiful everyday.

So as I spent the last day or so enjoying my friends "gifts."  I'm reminded to be grateful for the ones I have been given too. Like the gift of gab.  My friend Kristen said it best when she spoke with her husband.  See he was teasing her about the amount of time she spent talking with friends on the phone.  This was her response "Listen, I have a word quota I have to hit everyday.  If you do not want to listen in order for me to make that quota, then I'm going to have to talk to my friends." 

I'm just grateful I have found friends with the same gifts... ;-)

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