Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gym night

So what were you doing last Thursday night?  I was rocking it out while watching our oldest at her annual Gym Night at school.  This year they learned 5 different dances and than each grade performed them on the big field next to their school.  Some of the songs included, The Packer Shuffle(which I had a little issue with, since I'm a Bear fan), Thriller(by Michael Jackson), and I like to Move it.  Ellie is such a natural dancer and is also a perfectionist.  It was so fun to watch.  On a side note, I also got my first mosquito bite that night.  Welcome Summer...
Ellie and her very sweet friend Claire.

Madelyn and her buddy Drew.

PS I also want to send a HUGE THANKS to my dear friend Keri.  I totally forgot my camera that night and she totally saved me by taking pictures and getting them to me that same night.  Love you my friend!

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