Friday, May 27, 2011

"You're telling me I need my wallet?"

A few days ago I went grocery shopping.  This might seem like an ordinary activity so why blog about it?  Well, first of all I got to go ALONE.  All by myself.  No kids and no distractions.  I took my time, I looked over labels, shopped the sales and truly just enjoyed myself.  Something however interrupted my bliss.  As I was checking out and all my food was being tallied I went to get my wallet out of my purse and to my utter shock and horror my wallet was not there.  I had no money to pay for the 100's of dollars in food I was getting.  I looked up at the cashier and said "Oh my gosh, I don't have my wallet."  She looked at me and asked how far away I lived and then proceeded to tell me to just go get my wallet and they would hold my groceries for me.  I decided however that I needed to explain why I didn't have my wallet.  I started to talk about the fact that I took it out to buy something on-line and then my daughter needed my library card to reserve books and right in the middle the cashier stops me and says "Why don't you just go get your wallet."  I stopped...looked at her...realized that I was wasting precious frig time and bolted out of there for home.  I came back got my food, loaded my stuff up, and went to go get my Dad a simple lemon ice.  25 long minutes later I left with a lemon ice, a car full of melting groceries and of course my wallet.  Which if I just would of remembered in the first place I would of been home an hour earlier and already eating my treat.  So next time if you see me at the grocery store with a horrified look on my face, no I am not looking at the fat content to my favorite ice cream, it's just probably the fact that I forgot my wallet...again!  It makes me wonder what else am I forgetting these days?


  1. I have made it to the store during my precious mommy alone time, only to realized I forgot my purse, twice. So frustrating! I think we're both just getting a little more senile. :)

  2. Aww! It's okay! We all forget things now and then. But when you forget something important, like your shoes, then it might be time to worry. So if you start clipping coupons, you might want to stuff them in your socks instead of your wallet, just in case you forget! :)