Monday, May 16, 2011


The girls started a tradition from the time that Ellie was little.  Daddy is their "horsey."  He is the fun "toy" and Mom is their "cuddle bug."  This past weekend Moroni took his funness to a whole new level.  He actually decided to be a full on coach ride.
I still can't believe that he went around the whole living room with all three on his back.  He is such a fun Dad.  He didn't like it however when I made him hold them even longer so I could take a picture.

The other tradition is this purple dress that each of our girls have worn.  When we thought we were done haveing kids after Madelyn I gave all of our girl clothes away.  I did however keep this purple dress and I am so grateful I did.

I'm so grateful for the traditions in our family.

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