Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Remember a while back when I said that I loved surprises?  Well, there we were last night eating our dinner...

And I was in the living room feeding Violet hers.  When all of a sudden there was a knock at our back door and some guy saying "Hello!"  I of course started to freak out that there was a mass murderer in my home and he apparently knocks first.  But, then I walk in and see this same guying kissing my #3....

IT WAS DADDY and he was HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Moroni completely surprised us by coming home and spending the night with us.  It was truly the best gift I've ever gotten.

What a great and perfect end to the day.  I am still a big fan of surprises!!

P.S. Aren't the two Savannah's so cute!!!

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