Friday, June 10, 2011

Lost, cops and vomit. Oh, yeah...what did you do over the last few days??

So, the time had finally come that I take the girls to see the city that we would call home.  I was so excited.  I was also nervous out of my mind to drive up our four daughters 2 1/2 hours by myself.  We had a GREAT time and those stories and pictures will come in a later post.  This one is reserved for the real "fun."  Let's start out with our drive.  I got lost.  My directions said I should be going right when I actually should have gone left. I tried calling Moroni for 15 minutes but bless his heart he was in meetings.  After balling my eyes out because my greatest fear for the trip came true, I then finally got through to Moroni and got put back on the right course.  The rest of the day was a blast!  Then we cut to this morning where I again had to drive by myself to a friends house who lives in a nearby area.  I again got lost and then when I finally figured out where I was going, got pulled over by a cop...for speeding!!  It was awful.  I luckily got away with a warning because I was just so pathetic.  Just when I thought I was finally out of the clear and could literally see my friends house from where I was pulled over, Madelyn THREW UP!!  That's right...threw up.  It was all over her, the car seat and part of the car.  It smelled so bad and I had no idea where to go from there. 

So, the trip didn't turn out quite the way we thought.  I never did get to drive around different towns to see what I like.  But, I did get to see a lot more of this amazing state that we live in, got to thank our boys in blue for all they do and I got to remember why I pack extra clothes every time we go somewhere.  Over-all good trip!


  1. Oh I have been there. At least with the sick children. I usually remember to take along a bag or bowl, but I forgot just a couple months ago. We were on our way to a dance performance and I didn't have extra clothes. No one seemed to notice my daughter's white top was tinted orange--yuck!

    I'm glad you had a memorable trip. :)

  2. Good reminder Deb--sometimes it really takes effort to see the silver lining but they are definitely there :)!