Friday, June 24, 2011

It's like a light switch.

Yesterday I woke up and I thought our daughter Madelyn had been possessed by some foreign life form.  With out going over it again, I will just say it was a rough day.  I had a great book club last night and I was also blessed with a lot of good insights.  I was reminded about how Madelyn's little life has been turned upside down a lot this past year.  Over and over we have gone and she has truly rolled with the punches.  I was also given something that has kept me thinking about it all night and all day.  The fact is we each go through "transitions" in life.  This is a huge transition for my family.  I have this theory that Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when it came to child birth.  Because by the end of pregnancy you are so miserable and want it to be over so badly that you don't care how that thing comes out you just want it out!!  So, this dear friend of mine said that is what is going on in my life right now.  I am being blessed with a really rough day to day life so that I will be so done with it that I will move and be happy to do it.  She was right!  I'm there.  I love it here and I love all of our family and friends.  However, I am at that stage of this "transition" where I don't care anymore I want to go.  I never thought I would feel that way.  I always thought I would never want to move and that I could deal with this forever.  I was wrong.  I'm so grateful for this insight I was given last night.  It was yet ANOTHER blessing.  So sometimes things come to you and sometimes they have to be turned on like a light switch.  Either way you are grateful for the light.  As for Madelyn she was wonderful today. I guess we all have a switch.

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  1. I had a great book club this week too. I think we are living slightly parallel lives. I appreciated your shared insights. I'm glad you AND Madelyn are having better days.