Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Silver lining

As the days get even longer with out my soul mate around I feel drawn to find the silver lining in all things.  I could start this blog entry off with a million complaints about this or that OR I could decide that life is pretty darn good and I am pretty darn blessed.  For today I am going for the second.  I have the best family and the best kids.  My parents took two of our girls for two days(thank you), my Sister took the two oldest girls shopping and out to dinner, I had amazing friends to go to the zoo with and friends in general have also been checking in with me, dropping off food and pretty much asking how on earth they could help.  Why am I so blessed?  Every time I feel so over-whelmed and I'm not sure what to do anymore, I have someone in my life take a huge weight off.  So in the spirit of silver lining here are some great pics from the last week...

Our trip to our new home included a hotel with an indoor water park.  Enjoying the lazy river at our cool hotel.
Savannah enjoying the water.
We went to the zoo with some friends on Monday.  It was SOOO fun!! Most importantly the weather was perfect.
My dear friend Kristina held Violet most of the trip and even took Madelyn potty for me. (Jenna!  I didn't get a pic of you.  NEXT TIME my friend).
The bears were the big hit.
We got to go and enjoy some Mana and Papa time.
Madelyn however, was starting to get sick.  She was so tired.  I'm so grateful for modern meds.

Violet and her name sake Mana Elaine.
Uncle Dave and Violet.   She loves how he jiggles her.

So the silver lining this week is... I'm still here, I'm so loved and wow oh wow do I love sleep.  Even if I can never get enough of it...

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