Thursday, June 2, 2011

Part two

As our children keep getting bigger and growing into their own personalities I am always surprised that they are each so different.  I thought how could I ever have another child as different as Ellie and Savannah are and yet Madelyn came along and proved me wrong.  They are each so different and I am curious to see how Violet's personality will form.  The one thing that has stayed pretty consistent is the fact that Ellie and Savannah look so different.  We have a blond curly haired, hazel eyed little girl on one side and on the other we have straight brown hair with bright blue eyes.  If I wasn't in the room when they entered our family I truly would think they came from different homes(well, that and the fact that they each look like Moroni or I).  When Madelyn came along I wondered who she was going to look like?  Will she have bright blue eyes?  Will she be tall or will she be small?  Well, as she kept getting older it became more and more clear that she was going to look like Ellie.  Almost to the point that some pictures you can't tell who is who.  For years now Savannah has only heard "Wow, Madelyn looks just like Ellie."  When we found out that Violet was a girl all Savannah could think about was "I hope she looks like me."  I prayed for that as well.  Violet is now getting older and truly starting to have her own "look"  and that look is Savannah!  It makes Savannah so happy when someone tells her that Violet looks like her.  So as I was looking at my two youngest today and I realized something that I had known for a while but wanted to write it down.  I am truly looking at Ellie and Savannah part two...

What a fun event to experience twice!

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