Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Hey, that's my spot" and other great quotes from dance recital week.

It's that time again...DANCE RECITAL time!  It comes around once a year and that week is very long and stressful.  The end result however is always worth it.  Savannah joined in this year and had her first dance recital experience.  We love our dance studio and it is truly one of the things we will miss most when we move.  The girls teacher is amazing and so loving.  Ellie and Savannah spent the year learning about tap and ballet and then they each do a choreographed performance the night of the recital.  It's a big night with big hair, big smiles and for some big make-up.

Savannah, Sheri(their teacher) and Ellie.
At the end of the recital.  My favorite quote was when we rushed up to Ellie to tell her how amazing she did and she bursted into tears saying "I don't want to move."  I thought maybe she could of waited for a better time.
Savannah's tap performance was to Elivis' song "You ain't nothing but a hound dog."  Ellie did "Rockin Robin."  Favorite quotes:  "Mom, where is my beak?"  "Mom, when can I bark on stage again?"
Just us Robins!
There was a lot of barking.  Favorite quote: "Can I keep my puppy ears?"
Favorite quote(that was said inside Savannah's head) "Hey!  Get out of my spot!"  Apparently this little girl got confused as to where she was suppose to go and she decided that Savannah's spot looked good.  Savannah however, is a trained professional and stood right next to her spot and danced away.  Well, that is until she walked off the stage to tell her teacher that this little girl was in the wrong spot.  It was hilarious and I thought for sure Savannah would be upset.  She however was great!  I asked her how she felt about this incident and she just shrugged and said "Mom, that girl was in my spot.  I just decided to dance where I was suppose to."  me: "Well, what did you teacher say when you went off the stage?"  Savannah: "She said not to worry and just get back and dance.  So I did!"  I was so PROUD of her!!!!
Ellie did her tap to a song from the Tinker Bell movie.  It was beautiful!  Both girls were such amazing dancers.  Favorite quote: "Mom...Mom...MOM!"  me: "WHAT?"  "I NEED my fairy dust!"
The girls with their cheerleaders.  Uncle Dave, Papa, Mana, Auntie Mar and Madelyn.
FAIRY DUST...oh there it is!
Favorite quote: "Mom, look...I won a medal!! Papa no, you cannot have it."
My girls are so talented and amazing.  Just like someone else we all know ;-)...

...their Dad!


  1. What cute quotes and your girls are adorable! Dance performance time is stressful for me too--I'm always worried I'm going to forget something!

    My girls performed at a gym this year. Instead of walking off with the rest of the performers, my 5-year-old walked right toward me. I didn't mind one bit! :)

  2. Very cute!! Savannah cracks me up!

  3. Beautiful girls!!! Wish I could have been there, it looks like it was an excellent performance! Kisses to all those sweet girls. And hugs to my long lost BFFBD.

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