Sunday, June 19, 2011

It really is a wonderful life!

This weekend truly had all the makings of a perfection.  It was filled with fun, food, laughter, friends, family and most importantly(in my book) Moroni.  We started off with Friday, where the girls and I busied ourselves getting all ready for Daddy to come home. We made treats, made gifts and I got myself ready to go out that night.  I got to kiss Moroni and then do some shopping.  Perfect! 

Next came a fun filled Saturday with a party to go to and some places that are a must-have for our girls. Culvers being the main one.  With our food allergies we have found that the girls can have the lemon ice there.  What a treat!!

"Perfect, just like my Mommy!"  The shirt says it all.

After a fun-filled Saturday came the day where we honor the amazing men in our life.  First, my Dad.  How grateful I am that I was raised in a home with a Dad that I always knew loved and protected me.  I always felt safe and knew that no one would get to me with out going through my Dad first.  I found a lot of comfort in this fact.  Also, he was always so respectful of women and I knew that's what I wanted in a hubby one day.  Second, came the Dad that I got when I married my sweetheart.  Mike is a great example of service and love of family.  He shows me constantly how to work hard and how to always be a parent your children can turn to when they need it.  Third are my brothers.  They are each amazing men that I am privileged to say I know.  They are great Fathers and Uncles.  Sometimes my girls are more spoiled by them then their grandparents.  Lastly, comes Moroni.  The love of my life and the Father of our children.  He is an amazing Dad and I am so in awe of the love he has for our girls.  He is so patient, kind, loving and most importantly...FUN!  He loves to experience life with them and they love it as well.

Happy Fathers Day Babe!
(Okay, yes!  That is me with a fairy tiara on my head.  I can't help it, I'm a sucker for dress up.  And I forgot it was on when we took the picture ;-)
And More kisses!  Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!

As my dryer just dinged to let me know that yet again my Husband is too good for me and even though he had to go he still did all the laundry before he left.  I'm reminded of what I heard to today at church.  We had an apostle come to a special conference today and it was amazing.  To sum it up, he asked us to each be a little more grateful.  I am so grateful for the million little things that we are blessed with right now. 

I am mostly grateful however for a wonderful husband and our wonderful life!

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  1. Truly, what a wonderful weekend. I am blessed to know you! I have to laugh, though, Deb. You certainly did not need any teaching about being grateful - you are THE most grateful person I know - you model gratitude for me every day, even during the difficult times! Thank you for continuing to shine HIS light.