Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book anyone?

I love to read.  Now that statement when I was younger would of not applied to me at all.  My parents are probably reading this right now and laughing.  I was not a reader.  I didn't enjoy it and every book in school was like TORTURE trying to get through.  Something happened to me however after we had Madelyn.  I got bitten by the reading bug.  It bit me bad and I have not gone back.  I now love to read.  I am learning to love all different types of books and all different kinds of styles of writing.  So, you can imagine how happy I am that our girls love to read.  Ellie is so advanced in her reading that the teacher said she couldn't even keep up with her to score her.  Savannah is starting to read and just loves being able to recognize words and show me all that she knows.  Madelyn likes it when I point to words and then she repeats them to me like she is reading too.  The girls each take a turn reading the Book of Mormon every night.  It brings me so much joy that they have of love for reading and especially this book.  The joy grew even more when I came into our living room today and saw what the girls had created...

Their very own reading area.  Plush with pillows, blankets and favorite their reading buddies.
(Thanks Heidi for turning Ellie onto that A-Z series!  She loves it!! I love it too because there are SO MANY books to read.)
Madelyn, you are such a "ham."
Savannah smiling because she loves being able to read too!

What I learned today is...I need to go to the library!

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  1. Oh, that is the cutest thing! I would like some of their reading love to rub off on my 7-year-old. She is a good reader, but only wants to do it when it is past her bedtime. :)